We are a Professional Services firm providing resources and solutions
across the broad spectrum of Business Administration.


What makes us different is tour breadth of our services, our quality of resources, the way our services are delivered, our focus on value creation and the opportunity for a modern support platform without a major investment.

VProA has developed an offering designed to help smaller businesses make tough resource decisions with less pressure. We provide remote professional staff with skills covering all aspects of business administration, on an as needed basis. Backed by our experience, our technology and our business processes, VProA staff work more efficiently, and at less cost.


Scope of Services

Our solutions are designed to assist clients focus more on core value propositions, and less on support activities.

The scope of service options we provide:


Individual Professional Staff Engagement – As Needed
Small Team of Professionals Engagement – As Needed
Department Level Support Engagement – As Needed
Problems, Projects, Solutions Engagement – Defined Scope
Advisory Help Engagement – As Requested


Staff assigned to specific needs are intended to become remote extensions to existing client organization design, working as needed. Our success is predicated on becoming part of the team, promoting effective 21st century solutions.

Levels of Our Professional Staff

Our remote professionals cover all traditional levels of Business Administration:


  • Admins & Coordinator
  • Prof. Staff Levels I & II
  • Senior Staff
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Managers
  • Consultants & Advisors

Types of Services

We provide remote professional services intended to complement core tasks and activities. Our role is one of support, taking direction from client personnel.

The broad categories of Business Administration functions that we cover include:


  • Office Admin & Coordination
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Planning, Reporting & Analysis
  • Supply Chain
  • Technical Support
  • Sales & Marketing Support
  • Project Management

  Practical Examples Where Our Services Make Sense


  • Desk Management tasks and activities
  • Office Coordination and Logistics support
  • Administrative & Executive Assistance
  • Schedule Management
  • Transactional & Tactical support
  • Research, Planning, Reporting, Analysis
  • Hardware & Software Administration
  • Data Management
  • Sales & Marketing Support
  • Work Process Development
  • Startup Support
  • Cleanup Support
  • Projects & Initiatives
  • Support System Upgrades
  • Organizational Development


Our Services Must Contribute to Easily Seen and Easily Measured Value Enhancement:

Cost Effectiveness – Growth – Margin – Cash Flow – Risk Containment