Today’s competitive markets increasingly force difficult trade-off decisions: At what point do cost containment efforts start impacting value creation? Are there solutions competitors are investing in that may cut into market-share?

VProA has developed an offering designed to help smaller businesses make tough resource decisions with less pressure. We provide professional staff with skills covering all aspects of business administration, as needed. Backed by our experience, technology and business processes, VProA staff work more efficiently, and at less cost.

Consider the example of a client General Manager spending 35% of the time working on non-core administrative tasks. The Value Enhancement chart demonstrates what happens with the addition of VProA Coordinator working 20 hours per week on: Office admin & Coordination; Communication (including e-mail); Scheduling; Logistics; Simple research and reports projects.

Effects of our helping free GM’s time in this example:
  • Administrative support cost savings – VProA vs GM
  • Improved focus on keeping tools, processes, resources well maintained
  • Increasing product & services output through optimization initiative
  • Improved growth through increased personal sales engagements

VProA support professionals help free-up client core staff so they can increase focus on Value Creation. The Results from our support are easily seen, and easily measured.

Scope of Services

VProA solutions are designed to help clients focus more on what they do best, by letting us help with the things they are least effective at. The scope of services options we provide:

Single Professional Engagement – As Needed
Small Professional Team Engagement – As Needed
Department Level Support Engagement – As Needed
Broad Solutions & Projects Defined Scope
Advisory Help As Requested

The staff we assign to specific client needs are intended to become virtual extensions to existing client organizations, working as needed. Being part of the client team enhances communication and collaboration, promoting overall effectiveness.

Types of Services

VProA provides professional services designed to complement client core tasks and activities. Ours is a support role, taking direction from authorized client staff. The broad category of Business Administration functions we cover include:

  • Office Admin
  • Coordination
  • Financial
  • Human Resources
  • Supply Chain
  • Technical Support
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Paralegal
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Project Management

Scenario’s where VProA Services Make a Lot of Sense

  • Reducing distractions that side-track executives, managers, other key-staff
  • Upgrading functionality of professional support tasks and activities
  • Improving structural support cost platform
  • Streamlining organization design
  • Startup’s and New Ventures

The Less Tangible Benefits of Our Services

  • Free up more time to focus on critical success factors
  • Confidence that tactical support activities are effectively performed
  • Comfort knowing best practice tools and processes are being used
  • Improved understanding and linkage between activities responsible for value creation (Core), versus those supporting its creation (Non-Core)
  • Improved alignment of resources with company; vision – mission – strategy – plans

Aligning with professional services experts allows smaller firms to increase focus on their own expertise.