The resources we use, and the way they are deployed is what makes VProA’s offering so unique.

Our objective is not creating another professional services firm whose services are temporary in nature. Integrating people – technology – processes allows us to deliver quality, cost effective professional services where our staff become virtual extensions to client organizations, as needed.

As smaller businesses pursue the best returns on their scarce resources, aligning with VProA allows them to focus more on things responsible for value creation.


Today’s changing business environment provides VProA the opportunity to leverage under-employed professionals looking to better utilize their full complement of skills and training; as well as those looking to change how/where/what they work on. Characteristics of our people include:

  • Knowledgeable experts
  • Virtual work-space disciplined
  • Continuous improvement driven
  • Team player; Client & VProA
  • Value focused


Integrating our People and Technology to deliver professional services from our virtual operating platform requires disciplined business processes; Some of the processes we use:

  • Value chain reviews
  • Task Analysis
  • Optimization plans
  • Work flow development
  • Procedure development
  • Performance metrics and analytics


The cloud computing technology we use enables combining our People and Process into an efficient, cost-effective virtual services delivery platform. Our hardware and software technologies support:

  • Productivity enhancement applications
  • Collaboration, communication, networking
  • Video presence
  • Work flow development
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Data management and security
  • Network effectiveness