From observing current market trends, as well as listening to what others are seeing we will post topics of interest having to do with the enhancement of productivity as a means for driving stakeholder value. These are not intended to be scholarly work-products, but rather information sharing designed to help resource thin organizations create their own paths to success!

How Apple & Google Employees Lead in Productivity – Fast Company

The allocation and organization of the scarcest of resources, Knowledge Workers is one of the single most important decisions companies will make to achieve success. Clear focus by those responsible for delivering on well-defined value creation objectives, without distraction from non-mission critical activities is the formula for enhancing productivity. Stephanie Vozza discusses how some of the most successful companies keep their “A Players” focused on the prize in this article
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Value: Use it, or Loose It

It's easy getting lost in the day to day battles companies face keeping their heads above water, while losing sight of the reason for being in business in the first place… creating value for owners, investors and other stake holders. Without clear focus on objectives designed to deliver the prize at the end of the race… value, it's difficult to efficiently organize the right resources… at the right time… on
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Hello from VProA!!

We at VProA are starting this new page to reach out to the business and productivity communities with helpful articles and publications for everyone who visits to read. We hope to make an impact in your day with helpful and interesting content weekly. Keep an eye on this page for new posts!
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