Matt Mullenweg and the Success of his Distributed Companies. – Houston Chronicle

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“I get jealous sometimes when I drive down (U.S.) 59 and I imagine some day a building that has WordPress on it or Automattic. That would be pretty cool. But it’s clearly egotistical. There’s no actual practical reason why we would ever need a headquarters like that.” – Matt Mullenweg 


The creator of both WordPress and it’s parent company Automattic is considered somewhat of an evangelist of the distributed company movement. Matt Mullenweg began writing the software code for his billion dollar company when he was a 19-year-old student at University of Houston. His distributed company approach to business has since proven to be wildly successful. Not investing in a headquarters to slap his company name on allowed him to spread his company between 850 employees across 69 countries. Working in a distributed company removes the “control freak” element which in turn helps their results and productivity. This mindset takes the focus off of what your coworker is wearing and their general appearance and regears the focus onto the direct output of the employee. With a company that is used on more than 33% of all sites on the internet, it’s hard to argue with this company culture and its effectiveness.


Read more about Mullenweg and his distributed company approach in this article and Q&A below:


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