Is going to work meetings hurting your productivity? –

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From leaving your front door, to sitting in traffic, to arriving at work and then finally waiting for the meeting to start in the conference room… By the time you’ve gone through all of these steps to have a work meeting, you are just waiting for it to be over and essentially have already checked out. This is a problem for goal/task oriented people who depend on maximizing productivity to meet deadlines.

It’s not that was don’t believe in face-to-face meetings being effective. In fact, the synergy effect, where face-to-face collaboration results in the most creativity is something we thrive on. When we need to spend extended periods of time sorting out an issue or a process, we find great value in meeting with one another in person. But there are many other circumstances when going through all the steps to have a face-to-face is not essential and is unnecessary and a complete productivity killer.

Changes in technology, work processes and in the workforce dynamic provides a great opportunity for increase in production rate, and therefore it can benefits the economy of any business. In this case, It works in cutting out a lot of wasted time and energy before a meeting even starts, when it could have happened with much less time and effort.

Have a read through of this article by Houston Chronicle’s Business Editor Al Lewis for more on this.

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