Is going to work meetings hurting your productivity? –

From leaving your front door, to sitting in traffic, to arriving at work and then finally waiting for the meeting to start in the conference room... By the time you've gone through all of these steps to have a work meeting, you are just waiting for it to be over and essentially have already checked out. This is a problem for goal/task oriented people who depend on maximizing productivity
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Great things happen when your employees believe in your business values – Fast Company

One important aspect of enhancing productivity in an increasingly competitive world is employee support of their employer's vision, mission and values. Sebastian Buck's article on Fast Company discusses the correlation between organizational success and employer values vs employee values in today's business world. Read more on the article here:   Reference: Buck, Sebastian. “The Business Challenge of Our Time Is Creating Meaningful Work.” Fast Company,
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Value: Use it, or Loose It

It's easy getting lost in the day to day battles companies face keeping their heads above water, while losing sight of the reason for being in business in the first place… creating value for owners, investors and other stake holders. Without clear focus on objectives designed to deliver the prize at the end of the race… value, it's difficult to efficiently organize the right resources… at the right time… on
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