Is going to work meetings hurting your productivity? –

From leaving your front door, to sitting in traffic, to arriving at work and then finally waiting for the meeting to start in the conference room... By the time you've gone through all of these steps to have a work meeting, you are just waiting for it to be over and essentially have already checked out. This is a problem for goal/task oriented people who depend on maximizing productivity
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5G Networks and Their Impact on Small Business

5G networks are coming soon and the impact it will have on your small business is more vast than you might think. Aspects like more stable and faster network connections are a given. But what does that translate to? Reduced Cost with an Increased Lifespan of Mobile Devices With so much data being stored on cloud infrastructure these days, local storage is becoming less and less necessary, especially when referring
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Flexible and Agile… How NewLaw is Setting Itself Apart

VProA lines up with most moves towards true innovation, as long as the steps to innovate produce a better outcome on a consistent basis, regardless of which industry you are in. In the case of NewLaw, we can't help but support this type of step change. The term NewLaw describes a category of alternate legal service providers that is set apart from BigLaw or traditional law firms. It's a rapidly
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