Productivity… Getting Maximum Output from Minimal Input

From the dawn of civilization, the one benchmark for marking progress has been productivity improvement. Over time, things such as simple hand tools, communal farming, simple machines, skills development, manufacturing, specialty materials, communication and technology have each led to step change in basic productivity improvement (getting more with less). While it’s important to understand what’s happening at the macro-level, its equally important, if not more so, for organizations
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The Crucial Point of “Staying in the Know” with your Team – The UPwards Leader

Staying in touch with the nuances and barriers that your staff deals with daily is an important aspect in managing and effective team. In order to set yourself up for success and good results, you need to know what to expect from them, and you can't do that without understanding their process, with hurdles and fluidity both happening. From understanding employee performance issues to rewarding those for succeeding during roadblocks,
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How Apple & Google Employees Lead in Productivity – Fast Company

The allocation and organization of the scarcest of resources, Knowledge Workers is one of the single most important decisions companies will make to achieve success. Clear focus by those responsible for delivering on well-defined value creation objectives, without distraction from non-mission critical activities is the formula for enhancing productivity. Stephanie Vozza discusses how some of the most successful companies keep their “A Players” focused on the prize in this article
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