Going Out of Business Curve – Stay Focused – by Ron Albright

The holy-grail of for-profit business is maintaining sustainable Return on Investment. Stakeholders, including owners; investors; managers; employees, benefit when the road to success is clearly understood, and the collective focus of all. Simple enough, though it’s important to recognize the different phases businesses must navigate on the way to success, and that change at any phase adds additional complexity and risk. The following graphic illustrates the phases most organizations
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Collaboration: Where One Plus One is Greater than Three – Ingram Micro Advisor

It may seem counter intuitive to assign all “A” players to a small set of activities rather than disbursing throughout the organization. The following article discusses how doing so may be one of the most important things organizations might do to ensure successful execution of mission critical objectives. A quote from the article frames the issue reads “97 percent of employees and executives agreed that the level of collaboration directly impacts
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