5G Networks and Their Impact on Small Business

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5G networks are coming soon and the impact it will have on your small business is more vast than you might think. Aspects like more stable and faster network connections are a given. But what does that translate to?

Reduced Cost with an Increased Lifespan of Mobile Devices

With so much data being stored on cloud infrastructure these days, local storage is becoming less and less necessary, especially when referring to mobile devices. With 5G coming into play, devices will be able to access data on a near instantaneous level through cloud storage. This will reduce the need to store so much data on the actual device, reducing the amount of internal storage and memory required to recall such data. Device manufacturers will no longer be as pressured to increase the hardware specifications to perform faster since the 5G network will supply the data at a much faster speed. This will reduce the production cost as well as increase the battery and lifespan of the devices itself.

Essential Connectivity

Certain industries depend on absolute connectivity including medicine, banking, IT and automation. 5G is being designed to withstand a much higher level of network traffic without encountering a dip in network performance. With a multitude of devices requiring connectivity for business to function in these fields, a low latency network that can support more devices without getting congested with other smartphones sharing the same network will be a great improvement over what 4G LTE can handle.

Greater Productivity

With a faster and more stable network, businesses that depend on network-related tasks will become much more dependable. Businesses are taking advantage of modern technology enabling remote collaboration, document sharing, online sales and so much more. When these actions are being done at a much faster speed on a daily basis, productivity goes up. When things are being done faster, ultimately this means a lower overhead and a greater bottom line for your business.

These are just a few examples of some of the impact that 5G will have on the small business community and there are sure to be a lot more benefits to come to lights in the coming months. At the beginning of 2018 AT&T announced that they will be installing 5G in 12 cities by the end of the year, but it is Verizon that turned on the first 5G services in four cities: Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento. The company announced that Verizon 5G Home broadband is available for installation and that Houston resident Clayton Harris is “the first 5G customer in the world.”

More news to come as the rollout of 5G networks develops!


– Mitchell Albright
Director of Technology, VProA