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However you choose to compete, falling behind is not an option.

Mission Statement

VProA’s mission is to help change the way Professional Support Services are delivered to meet 21st century changing demands. Blending productivity enhancing technology, best practice business processes and skilled professionals from across the spectrum of Business Administration, we help smaller businesses increase focus on the things which drive success by reducing costs of things that don’t.

Our Approach

Smaller organizations can benefit from the same business process and technology advances that larger organizations have been investing in, given that they have appropriate levels of capital, time and expertise.

Our offering changes this dynamic by providing skilled professionals working remotely from our cloud platform, using our tools and processes on an as needed basis. We’ve made the investment, so clients don’t need to. Our staff operate as efficient extensions to client organizations, delivering quality services as needed. Key performance measures include delivering easily seen and easily measured value enhancements; when our services become efficient extensions to client organizations. Benefits from our offering include:


  • Improved cost effectiveness of the business admin tasks we undertake.
  • Increased time available for client core staff to concentrate on value creation.
  • Improved effectiveness’ getting important business admin tasks finished.
  • Tactical and Strategic focus helping clients achieve broad goals and objectives. 
  • The opportunity to kick-start a new or existing business. 
  • Opportunity to modernize without major investment.  





Organizations capable of getting the greatest productivity from it’s scarcest resource, Knowledge Workers, shall win in the 21st century…

Peter Drucker, Father of Modern Management Theory

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